E-commerce SEO Checklist

Here is a E-commerce SEO Checklist.

  1. Optimization of Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headers
  2. Optimization of Images and Videos
  3. Improve Website Load Time
  4. Create Valuable and Unique Content, Avoid Duplicate Content and Update Thin Content
  5. Keep Website Structure Simple
  6. Use Structured Data
  7. Use HTTPs & SSL Certificate
  8. Check for Mobile Friendly Website
  9. Keep Voice Search in Mind
  10. Add 301 Redirect to Expired Product Pages
  11. Optimize Category and Product Pages
  12. Add Canonical Tags
  13. Perform Keyword Research
  14. Reference Keywords in Your URLs
  15. Use Sales-Driven Keywords and avoid Keyword Stuffing
  16. Add Breadcrumb Navigation
  17. Setup Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
  18. Show off your Reviews and Ratings
  19. Manage Out of Stock Items
  20. Build Quality Backlinks

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