How Do You Choose The Best And Unique Font Style For Custom Lipstick Boxes?


Lipstick is the most used cosmetic product that is probably used by maximum females. A countless range of lipstick shades is available to fulfill the demand of multiple users. Brands produce new shades and forms of lipstick as per customers' demand. But these lipstick are packed in long-lasting and worthy packaging boxes to make them presentable and communicate with your audiences. 

When you talk about brand communication with customers through packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is the printed content that is mentioned for customers' awareness. So, you can print any information on the custom lipstick boxes that you deliver to your customers. 

Go for Customization To Get Custom Font Style  

As you know, customization offers the opportunity to make your boxes according to your desire. So, you have the right to choose an option for your product packaging that looks effective and attractive. Thus, you print any design and content on custom lipstick boxes to communicate with your target audiences. Therefore, you need to choose a custom style, size, and weight while choosing font style for lipstick packaging. Here are some points that require a unique font style to print to mention on the box. 

  • Logo 
  • Brand name 
  • Ingredients 
  • Usage 
  • Key features 
  • Shade name 
  • Taglines 
  • Major benefits 

Search Online Platforms That Offers Highly Design fonts 

Now it's time to search online to find the place that offers the best and stylish fonts for you free of cost. Also, some platforms are offering paid font styles for their customers with licenses. So you choose the option as per your choice and budget. Custom font styles protect your brand from copyrighted issues and create your own identity. Here is the list of platforms that offer online font styles for your custom lipstick packaging boxes, free and paid. 

  • Adobe Fonts 
  • Behance 
  • Google Fonts
  • Colophon Foundry 
  • My Fonts 
  • Linotype 
  • Creative market

Things That You Must Know Before Choosing Font Style for Lipstick Boxes

When choosing font style
for lipstick boxes, think about your brand's identity. Because the font you choose for your branding key is the first and last impression to explain which your brand is and what products you offer to stand in the industry. Apart from this, you must think about the enlisting questions to choose the right don't style that helps you in branding and marketing. 

  • Is your font easy to read or not?
  • Are your font style unique?
  • Can it make your brand memorable?
  • Does it make sense to show your brand among your target audiences? 

All things are important, and you must focus on them to create esthetic, talkative, and communicative for your target audiences. 

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Consider the Size of Fonts 

Never choose the same size of the font for all mentioned information. And, don't lose your fonts in the other feature elements of your packaging. The font style must be visible and prominent. Also, you need to consternate that your font is never overpowering in your lipstick box packaging from other branding elements. Keep in mind the hierarchy of the imperative words to create the perfect look of your lipstick packaging. For example, your brand name should be the boldest and largest, but other details like hashtag, tagline, social media handles must be in smaller size and legible size on your packaging box. 

Choose More Than Two Fonts Styles for Print Versatile Choices 

However, you need many sizes of font to place different text on your packaging boxes but never use too much font style for the packaging of your product. So, choose two or more three font styles for your single product's packaging. You can use stylish and calligraphy-style fonts to print brand names on your custom printed lipstick boxes. But it is not suitable to print other details in small sizes on your lipstick boxes. 

Finalize Font Style That Represents You in the Industry 

Mention the information on your lipstick boxes that is imperative to deliver to your customers. Not print too much stuff on your custom lipstick packaging that creates a mess and decreases the value of your products. Also, if you have some traditional touch in your product, you must use your font style that shows your brand's theme and create the recognition of your brand in the pool of your cosmetic competitors. 

Some Type Of Font Style That You Can Use For Your Brand 

Well, it's a complete choice of brand owners what font style loves to make their packaging boxes fabulous. Most fonts are divided into two types: one is a serif, and the other is Sanserif. Serif font's styles look classic and have some traditional touch of lines and corners in alphabets like Times New Roman. On the other hand, san serif is a simple and modern look. Also, it doesn't have lines in the ends of alphabets like Calibri and Arial. But here, we present some font style that goes perfect for your unique lipstick boxes.

  • Calligraphy 
  • Cursive 
  • Lettering 
  • Script 
  • Handwriting 
  • Modern 
  • Decorative Fonts 
  • Vintage 

Vintage font styles are more dramatic and catchy but have some retro touch to engage audiences. Here are some examples of vintage font styles that help you to explain whether it is good for your lipstick box packaging or not. 

  • Motherline Vintage Toolbox
  • Euphoria Font Family 
  • Hemera Vintage Branding Font 
  •  The Artisan Collection 
  • The Whiskey Font Collection 
  • Harbor Vintage Label Typeface 
  • Herbert Lemuel 
  • Hudson Vintage label Typeface 
  • Shilling Font 
  • Rawson & Stove Typeface 

Wrapping UP Thoughts 

So, the gist of the discussion mentioned above is to explain the best font style that you just need to serve your customers. On this subject, you can make your custom lipstick boxes more elegant by printing any kind of information to make them informative. To print such information, you need to choose a stylish and unique font style to captivate your target audiences. So, choose the custom style and search online to find the best font style to print your content as per your choice. Always choose a style that works to stand out in the pool of competitors. 

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