How To Prepare For Battle In 2022 For The UK PUBG Tournament

It’s happening!

PUBG is going to be herein in a matter of months. 

And yes, it is coming for competitive players…in the form of a tournament.

That’s how you like it. 

But, you might not have gaming for a while. You probably are not ready for the fight. You can be a beginner in this huge and interesting world. You might want to have your skills brushed and make your performance improve. 

And all of this means you need practice and preparation more than anything. 

A tournament is coming for the PC platform. Another is there for the mobile version. 

Don’t believe it? Well, believe Esports Insider then:

“The tournament series is slated to occur between July 22nd and August 8th with a £22,000 prize pool up for grabs. UK-based teams are invited to register and compete online in the PMNC Open Qualifier, taking place from June 4th – 11th.

The top finishing teams from the PMNC United Kingdom 2021 will advance to the PMPL Western Europe Season Two, which is set to commence this Autumn, to compete against other top pro teams in the region.”

Wait, there is more!

“Alongside announcing the tournament, PUBG MOBILE has revealed that Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi will serve as the PMNC United Kingdom 2021’s official title sponsor.”

Now, it is time to get you to the battleground!

Prepare for a PUBG Tournament like a Pro 

PUBG can be played on local servers. You can find other players as opponents or as friends. You can make your team upto 4 players. 

Log in and begin the game.

But, that is what general PUBG gaming looks like. Competitive PUBG is different. Like loan companies in Ireland are general. But when you compare different options, you get to learn a lot of surprising facts about loans and how they are taken out or repaid. 

If you have played PUBG at the professional level, then you definitely have found it to be different and more challenging than PUBG in the general sense. 

Here is why it might be a little difficult. 

  • Players don’t fight in such competitive tournaments, or they are afraid of fighting. There are many of them who save the fight and the ammo and the resources just to fight when pushed. 
  • You meet a number of competitive players on this platform. So, before you make a move, you can just be asked to say goodbye and reach the lobby. 
  • Professional PUBG gaming also requires a superb hardware setup. One small case of lag, and you are out of the game. 

These are, however, the tips on the gameplay. There are more to learn. For now, let us take some preparation strategies seriously with the following points:

  • Find a Team 
  • Assign Roles 
  • What Kind of Tournaments Are You Looking at?
  • Scoring 
  • Prepare to Play the Game on a Competitive Level

Let us now know about them in detail. 

  1. Find a Team 

When in trouble, you need a friend. 

Or friends!

Or a team!

If you are planning to play the tournament solo, then that is a different thing. 

But, if you plan to involve team playing, which makes the game more competitive, you need to find your team. 

There are two ways of doing this:

Way 1: You already play with a professional team because you have managed to get in touch with several competitive gamers in the area you live. You probably have gotten a team from different corners of the world through social media. You can also meet them in general PUBG gaming.

A good idea, in this case, would be to stick with this team and register together for the tournament. That develops team spirit as the playmates already understand each other, and this rapport can get them to victory in no time.

Way 2: Well, in this case, you’re in a situation where other fellow gamers have not gifted you, and you need to find some of them.

Find the ones who are into competitive gaming by searching for them on a Discord server. In these servers, you can find streamers or gaming communities. 

  1. Assign Roles

The next step is to assign roles once you find a team. Here are the roles given below:

The In-Game-Leader or the IGL: The Alpha gamer of the team. 

Co-IGL: The player who helps the IGL frame tactics and make decisions. 

The Shot-caller: This player announces which fight you will choose next. 

Fragger: Who usually is the assaulter kind of a gamer. He or she generates kills. 

Supporter: Who assists the fragger. 

Scout: Who is the map expert. He or she tells you which area to choose for ambush or where you can hide for taking a better shot at your opponents.

Take care of these things before you get down on the battlefield. 

  1. What Kind of Tournaments Are You Looking at?

The first thing you need to confirm is if you want to be a team player or if you want to go solo.  

Some search for a loan company in Ireland alone. Some take the assistance of an application, while others take in their spouses and sit down to make a collaborative decision. 

Similarly, playing the game alone will lead you to go for solo tournaments. They are fun, though and are quite exciting for the suspense involved. 

But playing with a team also means suspense and fun. Plus, you get to learn about team management, which we all should have an idea on…for life. 

Here is what you can do:

  • Choose either between a solo or a team tournament.
  • Look for streamer organised tournaments to learn the game if you are a beginner. 
  • There are small regional tournaments. Take part in them to grow your score and register in a larger tournament. 
  • Get your skills amplified with training tournaments. 

Above all, try getting in touch with the community and gaming almost every day if possible. You will gain a good knowledge of tournaments and more. 

  1. Scoring 

The scoring depends on how you are using your skills and stealth qualities.

According to game data and statistics, you will likely make more kills the longer you survive. 

The game score depends on that.

If you are playing in a tournament, you can log in to the website of the organiser of the tournament and find your score out. 

But, remember your score is susceptible to change. 

So, keep on gaming consciously and effectively. 

  1. Prepare to Play the Game on a Competitive Level

Now, the ultimate thing!

Battling in PUBG is all about two factors: Staying ALERT and being SMART. 

You need not be the hero. Be the survivor.

Here are some good tips for helping you prepare like a pro. 

  • Set your loot spots. It is better to go unprepared and hunt for any loot spot you would like, but that is not a good battle strategy. Choose your loot spots and defend them while looting resources.
  • Assign each house to a particular player. Quickly get a gun and the ammo needed. Then look for other vital items such as a bag; a secondary gun, more ammo; protective gear; grenades and amole bombs. Avoid unnecessary items. 
  • Ask one of your team members to secure a vehicle. 
  • Keep a steady eye on the opponents. If they come to take the loot before you, fight them. 
  • Move quickly. Don’t stay at a loot spot for long. 
  • If there are two or more teams, then stay in the ambush. Let the others fight. You will take on the surviving team. 
  • Rely on ambush rather than direct assaults. 
  • Always ask at least one or two of the players in your team to carry a secondary sniper rifle. 
  • Spread out and fight from different angles. Hide and shoot instead of shooting from open areas. It may take time to defeat your opponent, but it is a good idea.
  • All the while, please communicate with each other effectively. Always devise a plan B or C, and don’t be scared.

It is a game!

To Conclude

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Let the battle begin!

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