Top Cheap Vacation Destination In The US

The United States is home to a lot many different destinations that can run up your expenses and bills in the most ultra-lavish and expensive ways but, only for those who know there are actually many places here that offer quite great experiences at affordable budget prices.

Whether you’re in search of a day at the beach or in the mood for some quiet time in a secluded spot in a forest, destinations exist if you simply know where to find them. So, if you’re in need of a break but still have a budget to maintain then book your Southwest Airlines Vacations to make your vacation unforgettable.

Here Are Some Of The Best Top Cheap Vacation Destinations In The Us For You.

1. Grand Canyon

Grand in an experience but actually quite budget-friendly in reality, The Grand Canyon measuring up to 18 miles in width and about a mile deep has been forming over 6 million years by the natural erosion caused by the Colorado River. The Canyon is now maintained by the National Park Services and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Canyon receives the most crowd in the South Rim and provides views that are unparalleled and offer views right from the edge. The North Rim provides a whole different perspective to the entire canyon but unfortunately, roads remain closed during winters. 

Eagle Point here provides a very special experience to visitors by having a glass bridge installed, called The Skywalk. It is located on the West side of the Canyon and is an approximate 2.5hour drive from Las Vegas. To save on costs at this breathtaking destination, visitors can opt to go camping by reserving a spot at one of the campgrounds instead of getting a hotel around here that can get quite expensive due to demands. The Grand Canyon’s Free Shuttle Bus Service is also a convenient way to travel here that cuts rental and parking woes and is the easiest way to travel around the South Rim.

2. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park with its active 25 glaciers is impossibly scenic and visitors here after clearing the nominal entrance fee can hike, climb and swim here to their heart’s content. The glaciers here stretch all the way from the US to British Columbia and are often touted as the “Crown of the Continent” due to their dazzling array of natural beauty. Hiking here is ensured for every level with Trail of the Cedars is the easiest to Grinnell Glacier being challenging but offers sweeping panoramic views at the end. Take a hold of the free activities that are led by a ranger here to make the most of an experienced guide showing you around.

The park here has a total of 700 lakes, 2 mountain ranges and a staggering 1 million acres of a total area home to several variety of wildlife. The Waterton- Glacier International Peace Park found within the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another popular destination or say the journey is the Going-To-The-Sun-Road; a 50-mile scenic drive that leads to spectacular views and also gives access to popular hiking trails.

To save costs around where visitors can opt to visit the park off-season around November to April that provides for cheaper lodging and vehicle entry rates. Maybe, if you intend to go camping here then campsite fees here are a fraction of the total costs hotels would normally cost and with 13 drive-in campgrounds, 5 camp stores and a host of backcountry options it really makes sense to opt for this.

3. St. Augustine

Florida’s oldest city may not necessarily be the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they think of Florida but St. Augustine here definitely packs some great historical landmarks and monuments coupled with affordable accommodations makes for a no-brainer destination for those searching to holiday on a budget. Like most cities in the East Coast of Florida, St. Augustine offers year-round sunshine and access to the Atlantic Ocean providing an ideal time to head to and frolic at the beach.

St. Augustine’s Pirate & Treasure Museum, Wild Reserve and Lightner Museum are some great spots to visit here while the Night-Time Ghost Tours are some of the most indulged in activities around here for those visiting the town. Spring Travels here between March to May may be a good choice for those wishing to beat the crowd and availing of some deals. Booking a Trolley Package is also a good choice for those wanting to visit all popular sports in the town, visitors can save approximately $6 to $10 per head and a lot more if you’re traveling in a group.

4. Sequoia National Park

The Sequoia National Park is home to some really big trees, stunning Sierra mountain scenery and deep canyons and is part of the Nevada range. It rivals its northern neighbor Yosemite equally in terms of raw beauty and its expansive wilderness. The Park offers free shuttle buses throughout May to September which is a great way to save on costs and hikers can visit popular places like the Morro Rock which is the parks signature hike, the Giant Forest filled with the massive General Sherman tree which has a base this is 36-feet in its diameter. Other popular places also include Lodgepole Campground, Kings Canyon scenic byway and the marbled Crystal Cave.

The park is open year-round and depending on the activity and the car that you have can access the park without much problem. National Park Week is an especially good time to head here during which admission to the park remains free. Camping at one of the park’s 14 campgrounds is also a great way to cut costs instead of booking a room. Pick up supplies for a picnic outside of the park to save a few bucks instead of buying commodities inside.

5. Colorado Springs

Located in between the Great Plains and the Colorado Rockies, Colorado Springs remain generally accessible all around and is a great place that provides a ton of free attractions. Once you reach here it is easy to understand why Katharine Lee Bates was inspired to pen down “America The Beautiful”. Picnic at the Garden of the Gods for a stunning view of the red rocks or simply enjoy cycling through the North Cheyenne Canon Park. Drives around here are always scenic and if you can then head out a drive around this area. 

The best time to visit Colorado Springs is probably between March to May. You can also choose September to October, with fewer crowds and better deals on Aeromexico Flight Booking to travel. Summertime travel should be avoided as tourism at this time figures high and so do the prices. Exploring the place on foot is also probably the best way around here while saving a bit on fuel and parking charges, but take note that having a set of wheels here is easily the better choice to commute between the area and its popular places. Packing some layers may be a good choice as the altitude may bring in some chill but also pack a few light clothes just in case the town catches you in on one of the warmer days.
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