What Is Link-Building SEO?

Off-page SEO (also known as SEO) is an SEO process that occurs on your site but directly impacts your site's SEO performance. Off-page SEO strategies control the external activities on your website and can improve the overall SEO performance of your site.

Top Link-Building SEO techniques for Rankings

You must follow the off-page SEO trends carefully to see positive SEO results and increase the position of your website in search.

Designing your brand's identity is possibly the most important off-page SEO method that is often on the side of businesses. It is essential to put the time and money into your plan and execute several digital and social media-based marketing campaigns to boost awareness of your brand and establish an identity for your brand.

Be clear about what your company represents and the products and services you will provide to your clients. This will attract your intended customers to your site and improve organic traffic.

I am registered with Google my Business

  • Google my business allows you to showcase your site on Google and present the services and products you intend to provide. It is primarily a tool that offers the local SEO service to bring prospective customers to your local area to your website from search results and connects them to your site.
  • Join Google my business and search for queries related to your company. You will receive all the essential details on the local SEO practices and improve your business's off-page SEO.

Publish engaging content

  • The best method to increase the traffic to your website is to share and publish 
  • captivating and exciting content that is viral. People love sharing the content they find informative and interesting. Web admins and bloggers will likely hyperlink back to your site, and this can improve your SEO off-page by establishing links.
  • It is essential to make sure that the content you post on your site is current and original, SEO-optimized, and brings worth to people's lives.


  • Once you're finished publishing your original content, it's time to reach out to two well-known content creators within your field. You can mention relevant people or sectors on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more with your content.
  • It is advisable to use hashtags to connect with those attracted by your website's type of content and products.

Create Backlinks

  • Backlinks form the foundation of SEO strategies that you implement offline and are essential for any website trying to get in the first position of results. Google favors sites with high-quality backlinks.
  • There are two kinds of backlinks to boost the performance of your off-page SEO. They could be natural links or those created through promotions, and these links can drive high-quality traffic to your site.

Participate as a guest writer

  • Many top-quality blogs online offer guest posts for authors and content authors. Write a fresh, well-studied piece of content, then contact them to write a guest article.
  • Do not limit yourself to posting identical guest posts.

Social bookmarking websites

  • Social bookmarking websites are among the best platforms on which you can advertise your website and content. If you save your website on these popular bookmarking sites, you stand a good chance of getting natural traffic for your company's website.
  • Names of great social bookmarking websites are Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Social media engagements

  • The social media channels are where most of your potential customers are. Suppose you are looking to drive qualified traffic to your website, create leads and build engagement on multiple Social media platforms. Start by creating your profile and posting information that people will find interesting and are eager to connect with your company.
  • They also have tools such as Custom Audience, which will help you target potential customers and drive visitors to your website.

Directory submission

  • Directory submission is a great way to build quality backlinks for your site. Backlinks are among the most effective ways to implement SEO off-page. In the beginning, you must select a reliable directory followed by a suitable category. It could take a long time to see positive results, but the effects last for a long time and continue to drive traffic to your website.

Submit your articles

  • There are numerous high-peer directories for the submission of articles. To drive traffic to your site, it is essential to submit your original and unique pieces to directories like these. Beware of high-quality keywords in your content since they are more likely to be rejected. Make sure you choose the right category for your content and be sure to provide it with a suitable title.

Utilize Web 2.0

  • Web 2.0 is a well-known collaborative device that lets your visitors and other content writers spread your concept in real-time. Answer the question, then try again.
  • Questions and answers are among the best methods to increase visitors to your site. These profile creation websites  enhance the responsiveness of your website. Join websites with high-profile PR, and then try to answer any questions about your business. 

Research broken link

  • It is among the most efficient off-page techniques. This process takes a long time, so most companies don't include it within their offline strategies.
  • To increase the effectiveness of Off-Page SEO, you must find broken or dead links and then replace them. Also, look at the backlinks on your website, which lead to websites you prefer.

Join forum websites

  • You must take advantage of forums that can assist you in improving the popularity and rank of your website. Find high-quality forums as much as you can.

Comments on different websites

  • It's a beneficial off-page technique that will drive natural traffic to your site. Make sure to leave comments on the most popular blog posts you are reading.
  • In the beginning, you must go through the blog post thoroughly to leave your comment. You can then attempt to make pertinent contributions by adding additional points to be discussed on their website.
  • Don't paste your website's URL in the comment box. Instead, you should include the URL of your website in the form for websites in the comment box.

Use Image Submission sites

  • Submission of images is an effective off-page SEO strategy to boost traffic to your site. Find high-quality image submission sites and then upload pictures related to your company.
  • Depending on the requirements, you may need to alter the size or compress them. Naming your ideas with the correct keyword is crucial.
  • Popular websites such as MediaFire, Pinterest, Instagram allow you to upload images for your website for business. It is essential to include proper titles descriptions and tags in the photos.

Submit Infographics

  • Nowadays, infographics are viral on the Internet and effectively attract any attention from your intended viewers. Create innovative and unique infographics and publish them to top infographics submission sites. Don't forget to include your website's hyperlink to the infographics.
  • Popular infographic sharing websites include Reddit, Visual, Infographics Archive, etc.

Share Documents

  • Document sharing is also among the top well-known off-page strategies. It is essential to make engaging documents that are related to your company. The papers should be thoroughly researched and distinctive, and they should be presented in either PPT or PDF format. Upload the document to high PR document-sharing websites.
  • The most well-known document-sharing sites include Scribe, Slideshare, etc.
  • Press release submission
  • PR can also be an efficient off-page SEO strategy. Popular press release websites are Newswire, Express-press-release, etc.
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