Yokohama Tyres For Swift Dzire Price In Delhi NCR

Yokohama Tyres For Swift Dzire

Yokohama fabricates 1 Tyre that can fit the Maruti Suzuki Dzire Tour. Yokohama Tyre for Swift Dzire Price in Noida Delhi NCR begins at Rs.3,865. MRF, CEAT, and Goodyear are other Tyre makers that produce Superb items, following multi-month of utilization, finding out about how preferable Yokohama is over JK or any Indian Tyre brand which is given by Maruti with the vehicle.

In addition focus - grasp on street, even at speeds of 100 to 120 the exhibition is great. Utilizing the first Dunlop Tyre valve, the Nitrogen Air which I have been utilizing is one more highlight to keep vehicle Tyre temperature cooler. Yokohama is a quality Tyre produced using Japan...highly suggested. I got exceptionally modest cost in incredible Indian celebration offers which incorporates moment cashback, each of the fours Tyres I got Rs/ - 9300 .....very smooth drive on-street ...u will see the distinction in the wake of utilizing Yokohama Tyre ...they are giving 5 years guarantee just as produce Best Tyres for Dzire Tour.

The following is the rundown of Yokohama Tyres that fit best in Dzire Tour:-

Yokohama Tyre Price for Swift Dzire

Tyres Name

Price Range

Tyre Type

EARTH-1 E400

₹ 3,242 - ₹ 10,510


Maruti Suzuki Dzire Yokohama Tyre Size

Variant Name

(Tyre Size Guide)

Tyre Size

Tyre Price

(Starts From)

Diesel LDi

165/80 R14

₹ 3,865

Petrol LXi

165/80 R14

₹ 3,865


165/80 R14

₹ 3,865

Yokohama Tyre Maruti Swift Dzire

Maruti is a completely possessed subsidiary of Suzuki. It is one of the greatest vehicle organizations in India and has a tremendous arrangement of hatchbacks, cars, SUVs, and MUVs. One exceptionally well-known passage-level car from the stable of Maruti is the Swift Dzire. This a la mode-looking vehicle accompanies steel wheels for the base variations (LXi, LDi, VXi, and VDi), which are mounted by 165/80 R14 tubeless spiral Tyres. Then again, the top-of-the-line variations of this model (ZXi and ZDi) are honoured with amalgam wheels that are mounted by 185/70 R14 measured tubeless spiral Tyres.

Maruti Swift Dzire runs on spiral tubeless Tyres that give benefits like more limited slowing down distance, toughness, further developed eco-friendliness, and further developed security at high rates. In addition, the tubeless kind person of Maruti Swift Dzire Tyres has lesser possibilities of getting penetrated. For Maruti Swift Dzire, different famous worldwide just as Indian Tyre brands offer tubeless and run-punctured Tyres. These brands incorporate - Yokohama Tyres for quick dzire.

To purchase great Tyres for your Maruti Suzuki Dzire, then, at that point, you can get them on Ashokmotors. in/Yokohama-Tyres/. The value range of these Tyres is Rs. 2,800 (inexact) to Rs. 3,799 (inexact). For your reference, we have arranged the Maruti Suzuki Dzire Tyres in the 'Economy' and 'Premium' range. To assist you with discovering which Tyre will suit your necessities, we have added a few significant angles under the determinations segment, for example, Tyre guarantee, speed rating, speed limit, load record, development type, OE fitment etc. Vehicle Compatibility: Maruti Swift, Swift Dzire, Ritz/Fiat Punto Evo/Nissan Evalia/Ashok Leyland Stile The accuracy planned track designs offer prevalent street capacity on essentially any street surface Yokohama Earth-1's one of a kind development offers high degrees of both solidness and solace The elastic compound grew particularly for Yokohama Earth-1 controls chipping, wear and disintegration

There are 79 distinctive Tyre models accessible for Swift Dzire from eminent brands like CEAT, MRF, Bridgestone and that's just the beginning. The most reasonable Tyre accessible for the Swift Dzire is the Yokohama, which is evaluated at Rs. ₹ 3,242 - ₹ 10,510 and tubeless tyre.I have replaced stock Tyres (165/80 R14) of my new Swift Dzire Vxi to 15" Alloy with 195/60 Yokohama. Is it the ideal decision as far as the size of the combination and Tyre. Yokohama AA01 Tyres and I prescribe it to others too. These Tyres give dependability and are open to riding. Additionally, these Tyres are entirely tough.

I like these Tyres so much because these Tyres additionally perform very well on the wet surface. With this multitude of characteristics, these Tyres are accessible at a reasonable cost. Yokohama ES100 Tyres. I prescribe these Tyres to others likewise who are searching for Tyres with great foothold and execution. These Tyres are of generally excellent quality and the cost of these Tyres isn't a lot of high. I'm glad to purchase these Tyres for my vehicle. These Tyres are the best fit for my vehicle.

Yokohama Earth-1 E400 Highlights:-

Yokohama Earth-1 with its 2-employee development guarantees higher solidity. It further develops the vehicle's soundness and improves guiding execution. Four wide straight scores help in hydroplaning on wet streets while the bolt-formed depressions expand water waste. The Earth 1 Tyre is sturdy, wear-safe, and gives broadened Tyre life. The Tyre comes accessible in 30 sizes.

Yokohama Earth-1 is a tubeless Tyre accessible in a 13 to 17 inches size range. There are 30 sizes accessible with an assortment of sidewalls and widths. With a value scope of Rs 3380-Rs 9070, the Earth-1 is an ideal fitment for vehicles like the Maruti Suzuki Dzire Tour.

Buy for Yokohama Earth-1 E400 165/80 R 14 Car Tyre

Yokohama E400 is a result of Yokohama's pined for Earth-i series. Ideal for little to average size traveller vehicles, the E400 falls in the reasonable scope of vehicle Tyres. Explicitly intended for India, this Yokohama Tyre is cleverly intended to cut clamour and convey a smooth driving encounter to the inhabitants. Slowing down under dry or wet conditions is good enough on account of the 'bolt groove' and wide straight section design which allows you to slow down definitively with no hiccups out and about. The solidness of this Tyre is remarkable, graciousness, the interesting track design that incorporates wear control shoulder configuration, Groove-in-Groove game plan, and the utilization of Nano BLEND compound. It retains the vast majority of the potholes on a superficial level without sifting them into the vehicle's lodge. Having worked for India, Yokohama has guaranteed it doesn't pass up the most adored element of the Indian auto market, the mileage. Yokohama E400 helps the vehicle in returning amazing eco-friendliness figures with its low moving effect.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Accuracy planned track examples of Yokohama E400 guarantee incredible roadability on each sort of landscape, be it dry or wet.
  • The wear control shoulder configuration is accomplished by astutely positioned vertical and even scores which lessen wear and cut down on Tyre clamour.
  • Great taking care of is accomplished with the presence of a focal rib; it guarantees moving of the Tyre is a certain footed undertaking without fail.
  • The Groove-in-Groove method gets more modest furrows inside the depression sidewall surface that discover even dissemination of tension at the Tyre tracks for uniform wear.
  • The presence of a bolt groove channelizes the water seepage framework, while the longitudinal squares further develop inflexibility during unexpected slowing down on wet surfaces.
  • The wide straight sections control water clearing on wet territories for adept security and effective execution.
  • The utilization of the Nano BLEND compound in Yokohama E400 guarantees there is further developed wear opposition and diminished crumbling over the long haul.
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