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The gynaecologist exercises the medical speciality that takes care of pathologies of the genital organs, hormonal disorders, cancer screening and assistance with procreation, monitoring of Pregnancy and childbirth. The Best Gynecologist in Jaipur has high-performance gynaecology-obstetrics departments and attentive practitioners.

The gynaecological consultation is recommended for young girls whose menstruation is painful, in case of pruritus (itching) or on the occasion of the first sexual relations and the use of contraception. The young girl can benefit from a smear that takes a few vaginal cells to check the absence of infection.

How to Choose the Best Gynecologist in Jaipur?

Choosing a good Gynecologist can be difficult if you don't rely on the right resources. Word of mouth, even via the web, remains one of the best methods to have the proper credentials on choosing a good Gynecologist; however, there are objective and verifiable requirements that can guide you in selecting a specialist.

Here is some helpful information, advice and suggestions to follow: a sort of handbook for finding a good Gynecologist best suited to your specific case.

How to Find a Qualified Gynecologist?

The first thing to check is whether the professional is a specialist in Gynecology. To carry out the profession, it is essential to be prepared and competent: the post-graduate university process lasts several years where you learn and deepen the techniques of Gynecology to face the first concrete cases without risk. The second thing to check is the registration to one or all the most critical Orders / Registers of Gynecology, such as the Order of Gynecologists or the Register of Gynecologists. 

The experience and skill of the professional are decisive: an excellent Gynecologist must have an excellent professional curriculum, have many hours of practice behind her, be specialized in a specific sector of Gynecology and be continuously updated on the evolution of her discipline. This is why membership in one or all of the essential Orders of Gynecology: Order of Gynecologists, Register of Gynecologists is a guarantee of reliability.

What a Good Gynecologist Must Know?

When dealing with Gynecology, personalization for each case is fundamental. There are no standards or models to be taken as an example once and for all. A good Gynecologist will guarantee the client the best version of herself without any distortion, avoiding excesses and exasperations.

All-rounders do not exist in any speciality, least of all in Gynecology. An established professional will also be a specialist on three or four types of cases. For example, some choose to specialize in prenatal diagnosis, Doppler ultrasound, Morphological ultrasound, Transvaginal ultrasound, Fetal DNA test, Pregnancy at risk.

When to Consult a Gynaecologist?

Note that it is advisable to consult the Best Gynecologist in Jaipur regularly for your follow-up.

You can consult your gynaecologist in case of:

•     Pain, bleeding, discharge from internal genitalia (uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes, ovaries)

•     Pain in the external genitalia (vulva, breasts)

•     Breast condition (lump, tightness, discharge)

•     need for contraception

•     Before and during Pregnancy

•     Fertility disorders

•     Follow-up during menopause

•     Ovarian follow-up, cervical cancer, breast cancer, vulvar cancer

What Are the Possible Treatments in Gynecology?

The medical and surgical pathologies covered are:

- Diseases of the vulva and vagina, and uterus

- Ovarian cysts and tumours 

- Urinary incontinence 

- Genital prolapsed

In addition, gynaecology is a surgical speciality: depending on the exact nature of the anomaly or pathology, the patient may be prescribed drug or pharmacological treatment, surgical treatment, or even a combination of these. The gynaecologist can perform many operations: for example, laparoscopic procedures aimed at observing anatomical alterations or changes in the surface of internal organs (e.g. endometriosis, phlogosis, and adhesions).

She can also practice:

•     Removal of myomas and fibroids,

•   Curettage to remove uterine contents (for example, in the case of a partial spontaneous miscarriage),

• As well as surgical interventions for urinary incontinence or to remedy pelvic organ prolapsed.

The gynaecologist often collaborates with other specialists when diseases of the female reproductive system are caused by and related to the presence of alterations or pathologies affecting other organs and vice versa. For example, the gynaecologist works with the oncologist when a patient presents with a tumour in the genitals or the breasts. At the same time, he works with the endocrinologist in the case of abnormalities in the endocrine glands which can affect the proper functioning of the reproductive system, such as thyroid disease or diabetes.

How to Prepare to Go to the Gynaecologist?

During your gynaecological follow-up consultation, you must bring the results of examinations carried out previously (mammograms, smears, ultrasounds, prescription of contraceptives or medication, etc.).

The gynaecologist will collect information such as:

•          The date of your period

•          The beginning of your Pregnancy

•          Your health problems (infections, intolerances, allergies)

•          Your family history (cancer, cardiovascular disease).

Conclusion: You can go to the Best Gynecologist in Jaipur; by this, you can protect yourself from harmful diseases.

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