Top 10 React Native Technology For Hybrid Mobile App

It costs a lot of money and time to design a mobile app, not to mention the time and attention it takes away from business development. React Native is the first framework to fully realize the promise of developing cross-platform native apps. Even though it's new, it's already being used successfully by businesses and startups of all sizes and in a variety of sectors. Simply defined, React Native combines the benefits of both native and hybrid apps. You can Get more info about React Native mobile app development company. The iOS and Android versions of the same software share 60-70 percent of the code base on average, which considerably speeds up the development process. Furthermore, it provides a native-like user experience.


Instagram, on the other hand, needs no introduction. It was only a matter of time after Facebook purchased this photo-sharing social media company in 2014 that their development team began reworking the app. And when they created React Native in 2015, it was clear which framework they would choose. The Instagram team began studying the potential of integrating React Native into existing native apps in early 2016. They began with the most basic view: Push Notification. They progressed and began working on other areas of the app as a consequence of the positive outcomes.


Skype is a one of the most popular video conferencing software. While their desktop application is notable for being created in Electron, their mobile app is built on React Native. Simply said, React Native is easier to understand and reduces the amount of adjusting required to make an app function on both iOS and Android. An app created using React Native shares between 85 percent and as much as 97 percent of the same code for the two versions, as we've seen with Instagram. Microsoft, on the other hand, wasn't satisfied with that, so they pushed React Native to a whole new level.


Discord is a voice and text chat program that can be used on your PC as well as on your smartphone. Discord is immensely popular among gamer, but many millennials also use it as a social networking tool for non-gaming activities. Even before the framework's formal release in 2016, the firm opted to adopt it for their iOS app. React Native has proven to be incredibly effective at Discord, according to Fanghao Chen of their app development team. It allows a two-person team to build reusable code and iterate rapidly and efficiently. On Android, Discord made an attempt to use React Native.


Pinterest was founded in 2010 and quickly gained popularity because to its unique and visually appealing platform. Imagine a massive collection of mood boards if you've never heard of Pinterest. Find ideas, make your own boards, and share them with others - friends and strangers alike. Pinterest was already using React for its online apps when they decided to try React Native on mobile. The justification for using a mobile framework is the same as it has always been. It's the ability to share code, resulting in less development time, better performance, and scalability.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud said in a blog post on their official site that they ran into some challenges when creating their new tool for creators, the SoundCloud Pulse, back in 2016. First, which platform should they start with: iOS solely because that's where the bulk of producers were at the time, or both iOS and Android? The second difficulty was that finding iOS engineers proved to be more difficult than they had anticipated. As a result, they explored for alternatives to native technologies and discovered React Native, which is just five months old.


Ubereats is another of Uber's services. The goal is to make the process of ordering meals from restaurants simple for customers while also giving delivery partners a flexible method to earn money. The difficult component was connecting three parties: restaurants, drivers, and consumers, in a smooth manner. The Uber development team was confronted with the task of porting the current restaurant dashboard from the web to mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. They choose React Native as their framework. Despite the fact that React Native only makes up a small fraction of the mobile app, the Uber development team was enthusiastic about the shift.


Bloomberg is a "high-tech, market-moving, data-driven, cross-platform information corporation," according to its website. To put it another way, React Native supports and enables anything. Bloomberg is a world-renowned financial and business software supplier for analytics, news, and insights, for those who are unfamiliar. Bloomberg released its mobile app in 2016, with the goal of assisting financial market decision-makers more quickly and on the road. This amazing software was created in just six months, less than half the time it would take to create a native app for both iOS and Android. When asked why he chose React Native, Bloomberg cited the same reasons as the rest of us: it's quick, cuts down on development time, and integrates seamlessly with native mobile and web technologies.


Wix is a free online application that allows you to create websites without learning how to code. It's also a web hosting solution that includes web analytics. Wix gambled on React Native as a mobile app technology for its 80 million consumers. A large-scale production posed a number of difficulties. Wix's development team was able to go from zero to shops in six months, with the development process taking three times as long as normal, thanks to React Native.

Discovery VR

Another well-known brand is Discovery. Their goal is to bring the world closer to people and to show them things that were previously out of reach. Discovery is defined by its large expenditures, creative programming, and excellent writing. Their app is also well-worth the download. Users may go to some of the world's most remote and picturesque locations with the help of a basic VR set. Hiking, skiing, and base jumping are just a few of the activities available through the app. The whole user interface was built in React Native to provide a smooth VR experience to users.


Myntra is an Indian e-commerce portal. It is the country's largest online retailer of fashion and leisure items, with sales exceeding $2 billion last year. They provide a wide choice of items to their customers as well as a highly personalised shopping experience. Myntra's mobile app is fantastic. It sticks out from the crowd because of its stunning design and enjoyable user experience. Intuitiveness, a seamless shopping experience, and extensive offer personalisation encapsulate Myntra's app. This mobile product, in our opinion, should serve as a model for other e-commerce apps on the market.

It's never simple to pick a technology, language, or framework for application development. This choice may have a variety of consequences for your company and Get more info about React Native mobile app development company. Native programming results in high-performance apps that are easier to use for users of certain operating systems like iOS and Android. Building your own apps, on the other hand, takes longer, costs more money, and is more difficult to maintain.


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