9 Escape Room Tips - Proven Strategies To Beat Any Escape Room Like A Pro

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The whole world has been taken in by the escapades, and like everyone else, you can also try out one game today! But best be prepared, the escape games are far apart from your usual gaming experiences.

So, before you get yourself ready for the escape room adventure, make sure you have some essential tips up your sleeve. In this article, we thus bring before you the 9 best escape room tips that can help you make your way out of any escape game experience!

1. Choose the right number of people to form your team



To make your way through the escape room, your team must have the right number of members. Selecting too many members on your team is not recommended as you play an escape game today. Having excess members on your team will only lead to an overall increase in chaos as everyone huddles around a single riddle in the game room. 


At the same time, having only a few members to serve on your team is also not advisable, as you will have a lot of puzzles to solve in the game. Furthermore, with the clock ticking, solving all the riddles in time would be a tough task. Therefore, make sure you choose just the right number of players on your team to ace the escape games today! 

2. Choose only those people to form your team whom you know well enough



Escape games are based on the notion of team spirit and coordination amongst respective members. By playing with people you already know, players have share greater compatibility in working with their teammates, which is not possible if you play with strangers. 


By playing the escapades with closely acquainted people, you can even spend some quality time together with them. So, make haste, and bring together your near and dear ones to embark on an escape room adventure today!

3. Let your team be familiarized with the escape room

Especially for people who are new to escape games, you must know what to expect inside the game room. It is only when you know at least the basics of an escape game that you enjoy yourself thoroughly. Upon entering the escape room for the first time, get yourself and your team familiarized with the inner aspects of the room. 



Familiarization with the unknown room is your first step towards emerging victorious in the game. So, the moment you enter the escape room, start by checking out every little detail inside the room, for your clues may be hidden anywhere!

4. Listen to what your gamemaster says



Apart from familiarizing your team with the entire escape room, it is also important to pay attention to what your gamemaster says before the game. You never know when your gamemaster lets loose a little hint about the gaming experience while he talks about the rules of the game! In the escape room setup, the role of the host is vital in the way they indirectly push the players in the right direction. 

5. Communicate seamlessly with your entire team

Communication is one of the most vital aspects to pay heed to for players to win the game. All the team members need to continuously voice their opinions and discoveries with the rest of the team throughout the entire game. Only the team which is highly vocal and continues to share each other's discoveries and ideas happen to have the highest chances of winning the game. 


Listening to what the other team members have to say is also essential before taking any decision in the game. Not only do your teammates need to voice their opinions, but they also need to listen to what the other team members have to say in the game.  


6. Do not spend excess time trying to solve one riddle!

Often, newbies to the world of escape games devote far too much time to solving just one riddle. It, in turn, often results in teams having hardly any time left to solve the rest of the riddles in time. So, to avoid this from happening, ensure that none of your teammates end up spending excessive time solving just one riddle. 



Instead, your team can properly divide the entire time inside the game room in a way that there is sufficient time to solve each of the riddles. Leaving unsolved riddles for the moment and coming back to them later on in the game is a useful strategy that many players adopt in the game. It is only by properly managing your time inside the escape game that your team can emerge victoriously!

7. Be organized even as you play the game

In most escape games, no two objects can be of use to players twice. So, to keep away from wasting your time with the same object more than once, decide on a separate corner in the room to keep them all together. In this way, your team can prevent wasting their time with the same object. 


Setting a corner to keep all the objects that haven't yet served any purpose can also be a useful way to remain organized in the game. In this way, your team members would know where to look for these objects and thereby work in an organized way. 

8. All your team members must contribute themselves

Each of your team members must contribute equally to the game and share their opinions. Escape games are inherently team games, so it is only by the cumulative effort of all your team members that you can hope to win! 


Splitting up your entire team into smaller fragments, with each group searching a different part of the room, can be beneficial for your team to win. By doing this, searching for clues and puzzles in the escape room becomes an easier task to complete within the given time frame. 

9. It is okay to ask for hints!

Often, players can let their ego seize the best of them. But DON'T! Inside an escape room, more often than not, players are found to back away from asking for clues/hints. The trick to winning an escape room may often lie in asking for hints strategically. 

But, ensure that your team does not start asking for hints from the very start of the game! The fun is an escape game is the thrill of the chase, and the fun is busted if you look for hints from the very beginning. 

So, now with these few escape room strategies in your mind, you are all ready to face the thrill of the escape rooms. Without any further ado, therefore, head on to the escapades with your family or friends today!


Author Bio: Charlotte Lin is a content creator at escaperoom.com. She’s a passionate young woman, mother to an amazing nine-year-old, and an avid reader. Over the years, writing has helped her explore and understand the world as well as her own self. She loves to travel, meet new people, and spend quality time with her daughter. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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