The World's 8 Best Escape Rooms Worth Travelling For


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Escape room games are widely known for their enchanting and out-of-the-box executions. As we all know, these brain-teasing games revolve around the concept of locking a group of players inside a confined space. Their main aim is to decode and decipher their way out through the clues and hints spread all around.  


The escape room industry is growing rapidly as people around the globe are conceptualizing their very own crazy ideas. However, some escape games stay on top of the list forever!  


This article will take a brief look at some of the best escape rooms around the globe that are worth traveling for!   

1. The Basement - Los Angeles, USA  


This escape room offers a mind-altering experience to all the players. The spine-chilling storyline combined with the visual and sound effects truly captivates the participants.  Undeniably, The Basement is among the top favorite escape rooms for people who are die heart fans of murder mysteries and slasher thrillers. This escape room is inspired by the classic "Saw" movie franchise. The participants are locked up inside the basement of a sadistic cannibalistic, Edward R. Tandy. Their goal is to escape out alive before the infamous serial killer chops them alive. So, beware, this escape room is not for the faint hearts.  

2. Escape Boats - Dublin 2, Ireland  


This is an out-of-the-box escape room that will surely surpass all your expectations. The best part about this adventure thriller is that it is the first-ever live-action escape room game that is entirely designed and conceptualized on a boat! The participants can select from two options, namely SOS and Convicts.  Without a doubt, you will have to work your way through the complex puzzles and challenges spread throughout the game. This escape room gives new meaning to the concept of escape games.  

3. The Escape Room - Indianapolis, USA  


In this escape room, the players get an opportunity to select from a variety of themes. According to numerous players, the heist-themed and jailbreak-themed escape room games offer the best experience. If you are a fan of immersive storylines combined with intriguing setups,  you should definitely give this place a try!  

4. KGB Interrogation -  Columbus, USA 


KGB Interrogation is considered to be one of the most difficult escape room games in the U.S.  


This is so because the success rate is below 5%!  The plot takes you back to the era of the Cold War, back in 1964. You are assigned the role of an undercover American spy, searching for a lethal drug. But, the mind-bending twists and turns leave you locked up somewhere. The low success rate makes this escape game even more challenging. 

5. Escape the Diefenbunker - Ottawa, Canada 


This escape room game is inspired by the historic Diefenbunker museum. Additionally, it is also considered one of the largest escape room games in the world!  Players are bewitched by the intricate setup and great attention to detail in this escape room. This place offers two options to the players - Covert Ops – Original Mission and Radioactive. Furthermore, this is a highly gripping four-story bunker that has been turned into a museum. So, do check it out. 

6. Sherlocked - Amsterdam 

If you are into the cult classic Sherlock series, this place should be on the top of your bucket list! This live escape game offers an enveloping game setup, along with intricate puzzles and challenges. If you manage to escape on time, you also get a free Sherlock Holmes hat to take home as a souvenir! 

7. The Egyptian Tomb – Imhotep’s Curse  


This escape room game is based on an ancient Egyptian mystery.  

The players are confined in an archaeological site that resembles an ancient Egyptian tomb. The plethora of puzzles and mysteries engulf the participants in no time. The challenge is to escape before the evil curse of Imhotep traps you for eternity. To top it all off, this escape game is designed with top-notch visuals and sound effects. So, visit this escape room on your next vacation. 

8. The Mr. X Mystery House  - Shanghai, China  


This escape room is nothing like the usual ones. It is not just an escape room, but an entire house, stacked up with fun-filled and mind-bending mysteries. Each door leads you to an entirely different setup, all set to blow your mind. This escape game will surely engage you in its extremely exciting challenges. Will you be able to climb, crawl and wriggle your way out of the conundrums? Find out today.  


If you get a chance to visit any of these places as your next tour stop, do stop by at the above-mentioned escape rooms for an adventure like no other!


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