Top 5 Useful Car Accessories

Car accessories are something which makes your car complete. They are the important things that help you in the time of need or emergency. They are very useful not only for your car but for you too.

Today you will find many car accessories in the market each having their own specifications. But! Among all Autoformindia guarantees to offer you some best car accessories which are made up of high quality material and are long lasting. Also the prices are very affordable as compared to many other brand's.
Out of many car accessories given below are the top 5 useful accessories that one must know about. Let's have a look at them-

  • Aux Cable-  one of the most useful car accessories that you must have in your car is Aux Cable. You can buy it easily from the site of Autoform. This Cable is made up of Copper Core, which provides strength to it. This Aux Cable is unbreakable and tangle free and has a jack of 3.5mm which makes it easier for you to connect it easily with other devices. Made of Virgin PVC covering which provides it great insulation and is affordable too. Also it is easy to plug and if you order it from Autoform it will be delivered to you within 11-15 days. Aux Cable in the car is a very important  accessory as it helps to keep you entertained throughout the journey.
  • Customize Seat Cover- Customize Seat Cover is another very important car accessory which you should have in your car. You can buy an exclusive range of seat covers from Autoform of different colours and also customize it according to your needs. With a starting price of Rs. 9,949 this customized seat cover has a design that can make everyone's eyes wide open. With a great finish and stripe design this customizable seat cover fits your car's seat very well without being loose. You can order the seat cover from the official website of Autoform and get it delivered at your doorstep within 12-15 days. 
  • Car Seat Cushions and Neck pillow- Another important and useful car accessory which one should have in their car is the car seat cushion and neck pillow. These pillows provide orthopedic support to your back and neck when driving in a car. The car seat cushion and neck pillow from Autoform act as a multipurpose cushion/ pillow which can be used in case, home, office etc. It works to give you the ultimate comfort when you are on a long road trip and provide support to maintain your body posture. With a starting range of Rs.1570 car seat cushion by Autoform is a must buy option for you. 
  • Tissue boxes- Tissue boxes are pinned on the most useful car accessories which you must have in your car. These tissue boxes come in different varieties and help you to keep your car near and tidy. Whenever you travel it is obvious that you feel hungry and munching inside the car is obvious. So, in order to clean your hands and to prevent your car from spilling, a tissue box is a must. You can find different types of tissue boxes Autoform at a very affordable price. They are made up of high-quality material and contain 50 or more than 50 tissue pulls at a very affordable price. 
  • Dual Port Car Charger- If you have a mobile phone, tablets, camera etc., along with you when traveling in a car port charger there must be something in your car. This Dual port Charger is a must have thing in your car which helps to charge your gadgets fast. To buy a dual port charger you can refer to the official website of Autoform where you can easily buy it at the price of Rs. 480. Having a 3.1amp charger and fast charging technology, this dual port charger from Autoform helps you to enjoy your phone and music on a long journey. 

Final Words

There are many car accessories which are important and one should have it in their car but the above mentioned are the top five accessories that you might need when you are on a long journey.  Go through the above-mentioned list for more information.

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