What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Baseball Bat?

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Baseball bats have been made out of different kinds of wood for a long time. Latest may be the bamboo bats. For the century, we have used ash wood, maple as well as hickory wood.

As wooden one piece baseball bats are made for more force and strength on hitting, the type of wood used in the bat is very important. It plays a vital role on how to make a wooden baseball bat, its endurance, force, longevity and durability all over.

When every point is important to consider for a good wooden baseball bat, you should know about the properties of each type of wood.

I will explain one by one which type of wood has which kind of properties.

After that, you can easily decide what kind of wood is best for a baseball bat.

Kinds Of Woods Used For A Baseball Bat


Ashwoods are lightweight and easy to work with. It also has high durability as well as good strength. If you are thinking about flexibility, Ashwood will not also disappoint you in this sector too.


Maple is mostly known for its good strength. Not as light as Ashwood, it can mesmerize you with its looks and stains over time. Besides, furnishing Maple wood is quite easy than any other type of wood. So, a baseball bat made out of Maple wood can last a lifetime.

Because of this, right now, MLB bats are made out of Maple woods.


Hickory is hard. But not as durable as Maple or Ashwoods. The surface is not smooth either. But a baseball bat made out of hickory is as good to play with as long as it lasts.

So, for force and strength, hickory is the best type of wood.


Bamboo is flexible as well as cheap to work with. Bamboo can be very easy to collect and process. But the seasoning is not like the other kinds of woods. It was not used before to make baseball bats. But right now, bamboo woods have come out of the shell for their lightweight and became a very popular media for baseball bats.

Why MLB games use Maple wooden bats?

Maple woods are high in density. In a word density which is the main reason to let a player feel the heaviness and let him or her hit the ball harder - is the reason why MLB games use Maple wooden bats. You can try and find that it helps the batter with force, energy, and toughness for the hard-hitting and long-lasting.


If you want to find the best wood to make a baseball bat or choose a ready-made baseball bat, you should understand by holding it. Each of the wood types has its own properties and you should use the one which gives you the best feeling.

A wooden baseball bat is a classic thing and it can help you to play better games, whether you are playing high-school games or MLB.

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