Three Easy Ways To Hang Curtains Without Drilling


No one knows how difficult it is to hang curtains than we do. Dragging out the ladder, getting measurements, drilling into the wall, and then realizing your curtain rods are misaligned is a pain.

Fortunately, there are more straightforward ways to hang curtains that take minutes rather than hours. You've come to the perfect place if you live in a rented space or want a quick and easy curtain-hanging solution. The solutions we'll go through today will allow you to hang curtains without needing nails, screws, or drills. However, don't forget to visit SitBackSave for exceptional discounts before buying any bedroom accessory. 

Hang With Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are a relatively new product, and they can be used to hang almost anything. If you want to hang curtains but don't have a rod, adhesive hooks can be an easy solution. These hooks use a kind of glue that also works for hanging artwork and other objects on walls. They are typically made from plastic or wood and come in different colors. You can find them at most hardware stores or online.

Adhesive hooks are great for hanging heavy curtains or draperies because they hold well and can be removed easily when necessary. These may be the perfect option for you if you want to hang something on the wall but don't want to put holes in your walls.

Selecting the correct type of curtain rod is essential to ensure that the curtains hang correctly and look attractive in your home. The following tips will help you make the right choice:

  • Measure the length of your window or doorway where you want to hang the curtain rod. Use this measurement when selecting a rod length so that it fits within the frame itself. For example, if you're going to hang a rod at 78 inches long, then choose one that measures 78 inches long.
  • Consider how much weight your curtain needs to hold before deciding on a specific type of curtain rod and bracket set-up. For example, if you have heavy drapes that weigh more than 15 pounds per panel, choose either a tension mount or telescoping pole with brackets so that they can hold more than 15 pounds per panel without sagging or pulling down toward one side of the window or door opening due to gravity alone (see below).

How to Use Tension Rods

If you have an indoor window that needs to be covered but don’t want to spend much money or use drilling, try tension rod curtains.

Tension rods are perfect for use as decorative window curtains. They are easy to install and look great in any room of the house. Use the rods to create an instant curtain for almost any window.

The following are some tips on how to use tension rods:

  • Use tension rods inside window frames. If you have a large bay window needing curtains, choose a curtain rod with brackets that will allow you to attach it directly to your window frame. This way, you'll be able to install your tension rod without drilling holes into walls or other surfaces.
  • Measure your windows before purchasing any tension rod hardware. Different brands may offer various hardware sizes, so make sure you know what size fits your window before placing an order for new curtains or rods!
  • Choose a style of curtain rod based on its function and appearance. For example: If you want privacy when using the bathroom or dressing area, choose a narrow rod that allows only enough room for one person at once; if you want more light into the room, choose a wider rod; if you want decorative curtains, choose a decorative style of curtain rod that matches your d├ęcor; if you want something simple that doesn't take up much space, choose an alternative like cordless curtains. 

Hang Curtains Using a Magnetic Rod

A magnetic rod is a great way to hang curtains because it doesn't leave any marks on your walls or windows. You don't have to drill holes and mount brackets on your wall either, making this type of curtain rod an excellent choice for renters who don't want to make permanent changes to their living space.

You can hang curtains on a magnetic rod using the same method as you would for a regular curtain rod. The only difference is that the magnetic rods have magnets, allowing them to be attached to a wall without any tools.

You don't need a drill to hang curtains, but you will need a hammer. You'll also need a magnetic curtain rod and some hooks.

Use the hammer to tap the end of your rod into the top of your curtain wall, near the ceiling. It will help if you put it in at an angle so it won't fall out when hanging your curtains.

Hang each curtain on its hook at least 6 inches below the rod. This will give you plenty of room to slide them open and closed. If you want them higher, hang them higher.

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Final Words

Now you don't have to go through the drilling process whenever you want to hang something in your windows to make your room look attractive. These methods don't involve any hard labor, and they won't harm your walls, such as holes, making your space look much more appealing.

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