Best Tips On How To Find The Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Jaipur

A hair transplant is a treatment that moves your hair from the existing area to the area in which you are facing hair loss. This process involves a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who helps you to regain your natural hair growth.

A study says that the use of platelet-rich plasma therapy with FUE, increases the success rate of hair transplant; In such cases, it is observed that more than 75% of hair regrowth takes place after 6 months.

What Is The Aim Of A Hair Transplant?

The best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur aims at restoring your hair growth to those areas of your scalp where there's no or low hair growth. The treatment is followed by several sittings depending on the case, it cannot stop future hair loss but it can control it to some extent.

Why Do People Lose Hair?

Hair loss or Alopecia can have multiple reasons depending on the patient. Some of the most common reasons behind hair loss are as follows-

  • Heredity
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Hairstyling 
  • Medicine Or Supplements 
  • Hair Treatment 

Types Of Hair Transplantation

There are 2 types of hair transplantation and those ares-

FUE Hair Transplantation- FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction; this type of hair transplantation has high graft quality and looks natural. Some of its benefits are- Painless during treatment; the donor area is minimally affected etc. FUE hair transplant is divided into two categories, Manual FUE & Robotic FUE.

FUT Hair Transplantation- FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation, in this type of transplantation there is a higher rate of follicle survival and It is less costly than FUE.

Points To Consider While Choosing Your Hair Transplant Doctor

In today's era, where technologies have made things so common and cheaper we can find all types of treatments taking place near us but while choosing the best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur you need to keep a few points in your mind.

  • Research About The Doctor's Qualifications And Certification: The qualification and certification of your hair transplant doctor play a crucial role. Your doctor needs to have a proper qualification in a specified field; the surgeon should be a graduate of a recognized university. Keeping a check on a doctor's certification is very important; if the doctor isn't certified then it can be a risk for you and the doctor too. So while choosing the best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur you must keep a track of your doctor's qualifications and certification.
  • Track Your Doctor's Experience: Experience does matter, not only in the field of medicine but also in every sector. An experienced person holds more knowledge and has better command over their work so while choosing your doctor for hair transplantation you must see their experience.
  • Look For The Aesthetic/Artistic Expertise Of The Doctor: To achieve the best hair transplant, it requires the doctor to draw and create a proper hairline according to the patient's face which would suit him/her. So a hair transplant doctor needs to be very artistic and should have good command over such skills so that you can get the natural look.
  • Check On The Doctor's Reputation: Market reputation is another important factor before deciding on your hair transplant doctor. There are several doctors but there are only a few of them who are renowned. So while you are searching for the best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur you should check the market reputation of the doctor.
  • Online Reviews: Nowadays, social media has made things quite easier for us. If you are confused about choosing your doctor and can't perform any type of research in person then you can easily check the reviews online. Checking the online reviews can guide you in choosing your doctor.
  • Contacting The Staff And Patients: You should connect with the clinic's staff and other patients who have considered the same doctor for a similar issue, they will be able to guide you in a much better way. There are many good hair transplant doctors but choose the best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur for you and experience the best.
  • Meet Your Doctor: Meeting your doctor can resolve a lot of your issues, talking in person will make you clear about the doctor and you will be more satisfied while the treatment takes place.

Bottom Line

Hair transplantation is a technique used for regaining hair, so while you choose the best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur you should keep track of your doctor's disciplinary history and his team so that you can get the best results.

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