Sondai Fort History



Sondai stronghold journey is a notorious and underestimated journey. It is a trip around a stronghold close to Karjat Chowk Phata.In the midst of a portion of the less popular attractions in Karjat, the Sondai Fort is a not-really renowned post close to Karjat, Maharasthra and is well known for getting guests entranced with bold traveling encounters, particularly during rainstorm. Utilized as a lookout once, the Sondai Fort offers a lovely perspective on Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri posts, Karnala Fort, and Matheran mountain range.

How to reach:

The base town for the Sondai journey is Sondewadi town which is situated a ways off of 11.5 km from Karjat. You can undoubtedly arrive at there by means of public or confidential transportation.

  • By Train - In the event that you are coming through train, landing at the Karjat station, stroll towards the Kalyan end and emerge toward the Eastside. By taking an auto from here we can arrive at the Sondewadi town which is around 9 km.
  • By Auto - One can take 6 seater auto or ST from Karjat Chowk and land at the Borgaon Phata. A stroll of 3km out and about along Morbe Dam takes us towards the Sondewadi town.


This is a focal area for travelers to visit places like Rajmachi, Peth, Songir, Peb, Irshalgad, Bhivgad, Dhak and Bhimashankar. Sondai, a moderately less realized famous stronghold is likewise reachable. This stronghold is a piece of the Matheran range. The picturesque perspectives it offers and the last 15ft of rock fix makes it a completely exhilarating encounter. This post was probably worked as a watch Tower.

Sondai is one of the lesser know fortresses around Mumbai. It was utilized as a watch pinnacle and stands 6kms west of Karjat ignoring the Karjat-Chowk expressway and offers a delightful perspective on Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri strongholds and Matheran mountain range.


The name of the stronghold is gotten from the sanctuary of the Goddess Sondai at the top the mountain. There are 2 water reservoirs at the foundation of the zenith and steps are cut out of rocks to go on the highest place where a symbol of Sondai Devi stands.

Sondai, put in Karjat signifies one of most extreme shocking properties is honored with top notch picturesque excellence. The district is notable for buying traffic enchanted with brave climbing revel, explicitly all through rainstorm. On achieving the zenith, you get a spellbinding perspective on the Matheran Mountain assortment which contains unpracticed scenes and a hazy apex.


As it is human instinct to anticipate the excursions while working or test, I was likewise perusing youtube recordings for novel journeys. In the suggested list there was a video for Sondai post.It resembled warmup journey since it is exceptionally short and straightforward. Karjat is an evergreen home base spot for adventure.

In the morning at 4:00 AM we as a whole begun our day. Dhruvin who should load up the train from Bhyandar rather loaded up with us from Mira Road because of absence of time. Prachi went along with us at Borivali. Soham and Aaditi at Goregaon. By 5:30 AM we arrived at Dadar station. Then we boarded 5:38 AM Karjat slow train from stage 1 of focal railroad.

Rising sun and diminishing temperature stirred the photographic artist inside us. We clicked numerous pics from running train. After Kalyan station, the region was covered with haze. At the point when I watched out of the train, I couldn't see far off objects and was considering the way that this driver is riding the train at high velocity.

By 7:45 AM we arrived at our objective. We had Karjat extraordinary vada pav and hot tea.

I was sorting out the best approach to tumtum stand. Asked 2-3 individuals for the equivalent. We took an exit from the outrageous finish of Karjat station towards Khopoli toward the east.

Vavarle town is around 11-12 Km from Karjat station. One can take tumtum or board a transport from Karjat east and can arrive at Vavarle towns phata, where the curve at the entry of the town invites you. I don't have more data about this course. I wouldn't suggest this course since it requires 2-3 hours to climb the stronghold, likewise it is more tedious and extreme than the subsequent town course.

Sondewadi town is 10 Km a long way from the Karjat station. It requires 45 minutes to climb the stronghold. We were going to this town.

At the point when we came to tumtum stand, they offered us different choices like till base of Sondai stronghold, Vavarle town yet we denied every one of them and requested BORGAON PHATA. Sharing tumtum are accessible till Borgaon phata. I nearly required 15-20 minutes until Borgaon phata. 

There is a lodging at the stop where one can have something to eat. There is a street before the stop, which lead us to the stronghold. Transportation is accessible till base yet we favored strolling the 5 Km fix till the foundation of the post. Individuals out and about and trucks were gazing us.

We began strolling out and about. The weather conditions was extremely lovely and strolling was additionally not tedious. Across the scaffold, we as a whole were clicking pics of the railroad track and all of unexpected a cow came running from one end and we as a whole were yelling and taking off from her. It was what was happening.

At first, it was strolling through the woodland. It was a simple walk. As indicated by my learn about the trip, we needed to go from Sondewadi town, which is situated at the 1/fourth level of the mountain.

We rested for quite a while under the tree shed and afterward continued the trip. Presently the course was to one side once more. The way is obvious and one can see the post right in front.Overall it was an excellent experience.

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