What is the difference between AI and AA in IB Math?


One of the most difficult and demanding disciplines in the IB Programme is IB Math. Mathematics has become more important than ever since the advent of fields like artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. Therefore, you should consider developing your Maths abilities and knowledge today with the aid of an IB Maths instructor if you want to have a great profession in the future.

However, the maths needed varies depending on the professional path. As a result, IB has discontinued offering the modules it had previously provided, namely IB Math SL, IB Math HL, and IB Math Studies, and replaced them with IB Past Paper and Interpretations (AI) and IB Math Analysis and Approaches (AA).

The IB tried to boost math's practical relevance and make it more "student-friendly" with the launch of the new IB Math levels. Here are some of the most crucial facts you should know about IB Math AI and IB Math AA if you want to learn more about these new modules and how they might affect your career.

Maths AA

It is identical to the current Maths curriculum taught at the standard level and focuses on Analysis and Approaches in Maths AA.

IB dropped some portions of the syllabus. Additionally, it added a few components to the subject to make it more thorough and pertinent to the course material, making it appropriate for students who want to major in fields like Chemistry, Biology, or Economics.

For pupils who want to study mathematics or engineering in college or university, the Maths AA at Higher Level (HL) is the best option. Although it is comparable to the IB SL, it also includes some additions and deletions for thoroughness and relevance.

Maths AI

IB Math AI is a subject that is taught at both the SL and HL levels and is appropriate for students who want to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Keep in mind that the topic is comparable to the Maths taught at the SL level.

Although the IB Maths IA taught at Higher Level extends the SL topic, the curriculum's main emphasis is depth rather than breadth.

IB Math AA vs. IB Math IA: How to Decide Which Subject is Right for You

You should take IB Math AA or IB Math AI, depending on your desired job route.

Math Analysis & Approaches will provide you with the information and resources needed to succeed in your career, whether you want to be a mathematician, data scientist, machine learner, or engineer.

Because the emphasis is on mathematical application, you should select the Math Application & Interpretation concentration to pursue a career in management and economics.

Help for Assessment recognizes that only some IB students can quickly determine their professional route. 

If this describes you in any way, we implore you to consider your approach towards mathematics. By doing this, you will be better able to choose which module to take and what career best suits you.

The conclusion is as follows:

IB Math Analysis and Approaches is the course for you if you find the "why" of mathematical theories fascinating. If you're interested in applying math, you should look into IB Math Application and Interpretation.

Additionally, IB makes it apparent that students who want to study STEM-intensive areas can take the AA subject. And for those who wish to study human sciences, AI is a good option.

What Distinguishes IB Math AA from IB Math AI?

IB Math Analysis & Approaches and IB Math Application & Interpretation differ in the following ways:

1. Focus

The fundamental focus of Math AA and Math AI differ, although both disciplines share a common topic that teachers must cover in the first 60 hours of the course.

Mathematical Analysis and Approaches: The course emphasizes theory to educate students in analyzing abstract ideas, which are the foundation for all calculations.

Distribution and statistics comprise most of the topics, and teachers help students understand how to apply mathematical ideas in practical situations.

2. SL and HL Modules for IB Maths AA and AI

You can study IA and AA at the IB Standard or Higher Level.

Standard Level: Two written tests and roughly 150 hours of study are required. To avoid the difficulties and frustrations of the IB program, it is preferable to take IB Math AA or AI at the standard level if you need a solid mathematical foundation.

Higher Level: Each module's three tests must be written after 240 hours of study. If you excel in math, the HL option is your best choice.

3. Tests with a calculator

For Math AI exams, your teacher will permit you to use a calculator because performing the calculations manually can take a lot of time.

Unfortunately, only two of the Math Analysis and Approaches tests allow using calculators.

For this reason, you must be proficient in mathematics and be prepared for some manual calculations with IA Mock Paper.

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