Best 5 Tools For Creating Your Instagram Stories

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Instagram stories are used extensively. However, since it is 24 hours, the part that stands out as a solution has been preferred more recently.  

In the stories shared in the highlights section, the cover photo is the first story. This is the default setting, and each user is given the freedom to change it. Therefore, if you want to get original results and want to create a more colorful and exciting highlights section, you are given an opportunity.

Although many applications that can be found on the Internet provide services for this, many people today are searching for websites that they can use online. Thus, there are quick solutions without downloading anything to the phone or computer. You have many options in this regard.

You can create better story covers if you evaluate items like these. Producing what no one sees as Instagram highlights covers helps you create a more engaging account impression, thereby improving your account's status. For this, each option we provide can be examined separately, and the most suitable one for you can be preferred.

Best 5 graphics tools you should try 


If you want to create Instagram story covers, the first option you can choose is the website called PicMonkey. The application, which offers photo editing tools as an expert in its field, allows you to remove the background with one click so that you can make a plan as you want.

It offers thousands of options that resemble a work of art. If there is no option you want to use yourself, there are also millions of photos. Registration is required to use the platform, and it has a free trial period, allowing you to discover it during that time.

Apart from this, there are also paid plans among Instagram story cover sites. These range from Basic, Pro, and Business, and each of them has different features. Their prices are $72.00, $120.00, and $228.00 per year, respectively.  


If you want to share Instagram highlights such as snapshots, Placeit is the second website you can choose. It is possible to try it for free, and there are many photos and backgrounds in it.

Moreover, thousands of them are available for free. Of course, you may also need to open a subscription for this. These transactions can be done through the official site, and a free account can be opened. If you want to create cover photos made by an artist, it will give you the results you want in no time. If you've tried it and want to buy it, it has monthly and annual plans.

If you want to access all the content of this site to do Instagram highlights, capture views, and many more, you need to pay $14.95 per month OR $89.69 per year.


If you want to create an Instagram family highlights cover, another of your choices can be DesignCap. It provides hundreds of various templates and designing resources to use. It allows you to design all kinds of graphics designs, not only Instagram design. Moreover, you can customize the size of the graphics design.

DesignCap offers numerous customizable options for the highlight cover. In this way, it helps you to get the most professional results. It is rich in fonts and icons and is free, and you can use it for free. Also, this platform supports 2 paid packages.


Canva, which allows you to create an account for free, is another option for Instagram story covers. It provides better results with a rich list of resources and templates. Since it is easy to use, it allows you to learn concisely.

If you'd like to try it before signing up, Canva allows it too. If you go to its official site, you can see some options under templates. After clicking on one of them, you can make changes on the screen that appears. 

Canva helps you get better results with Instagram story covers by maximizing customization options.  


If you want to create Instagram story covers, one of your options is a website called Crello. The platform, which allows you to trade according to your design understanding, helps you get better results in just minutes. The professional templates allow you to make the content as you want.

You can subscribe to Crello, and it is free. Apart from that, if you click on one of the templates on the official site, you can see what changes you can make. The menu on the left, which is simple to use, helps you get better results.

Crello has a design that maximizes the user experience and has different pricing options. The starter package is $0 per month and year, and the pro is available at $10 per month.


You can easily design your Instagram stories now that you have learned these best five graphics makers.

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