What To Consider When Taking A Bike Loan?

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The most brilliant way to acquire a bike without straining your budget or emptying your pockets is to take out a bike loan. Bike financing programs with no deposit have made it much easier to acquire a bike without paying anything upfront. Bike financing is also convenient because it can be recovered fast over a long period with a low EMI. Nevertheless, before asking for a loan for a bike, you need to consider a few factors. The rate of interest is one of them.

What Aspects Affect the 2 wheeler loan interest rate?

The critical aspect that impacts your two-wheeler loan budget is the interest rate on your bike loan. A slight variation in interest rates can significantly reduce your loan instalments and interest rates. Several factors determine the lending rates given, and recognizing those will help you. As a result, this article aims to go over a few of the criteria that go into determining your two-wheeler rate of interest. Understanding these will assist you in obtaining bike financing at a cheaper rate of interest.

A minimum payment is required.

The part of the sum you will make beyond your amount borrowed to purchase the bike is referred to as the down payment. Most lenders will only finance a 70percent of the total of your bike financing, leaving you to cover the remaining amount, which is the deposit on a house. Even though many lenders provide zero-down-payment loans, the interest rate will almost certainly rise due to the risk aspect. As a result, the interest rate offered to you is determined by the quantity of your down payment. We provide the best loan rate, which you may pay back promptly even if you get 100percent bike financing.


Your income is critical in determining your 2 wheeler loan interest rate with your lender. The risk associated with granting the loan amount sought is calculated by comparing your operating earnings to your loan monthly installments. A salaried employee typically receives a cheaper interest rate from most financial institutions since their income is stable and reliable. You may select between two lending schemes that are tailored to make bike loans accessible to everyone: 

  • Zero income-based loans: borrowers do not need to show income records to obtain this loan.
  • Salary loans: This type of loan is based on your ability to prove your income.

Vehicle Classification

Your car type is considered when determining the interest rate on your loan application. Interest rates are determined by the price of the bike you select. Because the loan amount is more significant, premium and high-performance motorbikes enjoy lower returns on more outstanding loans. Furthermore, popular models have a more excellent sale price, making it easier for the creditor to sell the vehicle and recoup losses if you default on the loan. As a result, they are capable of attracting lower fees.

Capacity to Repay

An applicant's repayment capacity is matched to the EMI individual has set. Before calculating the loan rate ratio, all of the borrower's current debts are considered.

Tenure of a loan

The longer the loan term, the higher the interest rate on the loan. Lenders believe that taking a long time to repay a loan will result in more defaults. Defaulting on a debt is considered a risk linked with the loan. Unstable loans are charged a higher interest rate to compensate for the danger and offset losses. As a result, you should choose a shorter term to take advantage of reduced interest rates. However, you must be cautious when picking your term because shorter terms result in higher EMIs, which can cause you to overshoot your affordability and improve your chances of failing on your debt.

Employer Reputation.

The reputation of your employer aids financial institutions in determining your job security. For example, a good employer, such as a multinational corporation or a government employment agency, will offer you a reduced interest rate because it establishes your reputation.


Assessing your month-to-month installment expenditure with a two-wheeler EMI estimator will assist you in determining the most inexpensive EMI for the shortest term possible. This will enable you to keep the mortgage within your monthly spending while obtaining the most effective loan interest rate. Having a solid credit score and lowering your debt-to-income ratio will help you save money on your bike loan.

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