How To Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop?

 How To Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop

There will be times when your battery is completely dead and your laptop won't charge. It is important to learn how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop.

You have two options to accomplish this:

  1. External charging with an AC adapter
  2. You can charge the battery with another laptop

Complete Guide How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without a Laptop

How To Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop

Charging A Battery Externally

Many laptop batteries can be connected to an external charger for charging.

You should check your adapter that can be used to charge your laptop's battery. It is important to verify that the pins work together.

Laptop battery manufacturers make laptop batteries in different ways.

They may be charged externally using adapters.

This method works only those laptop batteries that are DETACHABLE. The internal laptop batteries work differently. External chargers are not available for them.

Advantage Of Externally Rechargeable Battery

This solution is for those who want to make sure that their laptops are always charged, even if they have difficulties with a laptop charger or power loss.

It is always a good idea to keep an extra set of laptop batteries in your bag in case you need them.

It is essential that your laptop has a reliable battery that can be charged without having to connect to it. If you're on the road and don't have access to a charger, you can charge an additional battery while your working on your laptop. It may take several days to get your laptop charged if the charger is lost or damaged.

Identifying Laptop Model

You should have the information about your laptop, before you can go to the vendor's site.

Information can be found in the manual you received with your laptop. You can also find the information on the laptop in the control panel, or under the bottom plate cover.

System Information

The MODEL number of your laptop may not be listed in the system information. You can still follow the steps below.

Windows 7 allows you to quickly access system information by right-clicking My Computer in the start menu, and then selecting Property.

You can also find this information using the system information in the control panels.

Click to launch Control Panel from the start menu.

Click on the System and Security. This will launch System Information Panel.

After verifying the information, you are now be able to go to the vendor's site and order a new AC adapter connector or battery that meets your requirements.

Using A Laptop To Charge The Battery

If you have tried the above methods and didn't succseed, this could be your last resort.

An additional working laptop with a similar model to your current laptop is required. If you don't have a comparable laptop, or if you are on the road, this option will not be a good option.

My opinion is that plugging in an AC adapter to a laptop's connector is the best way to charge your laptop battery. An extra battery is a good idea to keep in your bag so that you can charge the battery while the other is powering your laptop.

What Internal Batteries?

The latest laptops models have non-removable internal batteries. These internal batteries are lightweight and slim, so they can almost replace the detachable ones.

If you have one of these laptops, then you will need another laptop to charge it.

Either a working laptop is required or you will need to have a lot of experience in opening and fixing laptop batteries. This is something that only experienced technicians can do.

You will also need the tools and instruments to open and de-solder the batteries and recharge them with a dedicated charger. This is almost the same price as a budgetlaptop. Check: Best Cheap laptops.

If you're an expert and can remove the battery while creating a contraption with the same voltage and current rating, you might be able to achieve charging your laptop battery.

We strongly advise against removing internal batteries without professional help. It is dangerous to play with the batteries.


There are two ways to charge a laptop battery. You will need to remove the battery cell from the laptop and charge them separately.

This is a dangerous and complicated method that we don't recommend. This is especially if you don't have a lot of experience with electronics.

Batteries can be dangerous. There are many warnings about them. It is not a good idea to mess with them without prior knowledge.

If all else fails we recommend you see an experienced technician.

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